When Good Is Not Enough

When Good Is Not Enough

When Good Is Not Enough

When Good Is Not Enough

When Good Is Not Enough

Extraordinary results and client satisfaction are our commitment.

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Etcetera Lighting is a lighting equipment rental based in Jakarta and Semarang, Indonesia. We have  provides lighting equipment rental, lighting arrangement, and lighting design by Iwan Hutapea for your event wedding reception, concert, corporate event, and etc, with creative and fresh ideas.

We established in 2005 in Senopati, South Jakarta and workshop in Depok, West Java. Our motto “When Good Is Not Enough” Etcetera Lighting always gives something that is not only good, but Extraordinary Results. And client satisfaction has always been a “Goal” for us. We are continuously committed to give satisfaction and provide great solutions in lighting design & lighting equiptment rental to our clients.

Our main service is a lighting rental and lighting design in Jakarta and Semarang. We will make your event more than usual and certainly with the workers who are committed to your event, with the idea of always new and fresh, we sure can provide the best for your event.


For some people who have long been in event industries, perhaps the name of Iwan Hutapea is very familiar. He is a lighting designer and programmer who has a long journey for this profession. Many events such as concerts, performing arts, wedding or corporate events were handled by him. Not only in Indonesia but also abroad and with Etcetera Lighting, he will continue to provide an extraordinary result for his client


Creative Ideas

We give you creative ideas to lighting and give ambience for your event, and with Iwan Hutapea as a lighting designer, there will always be fresh ideas that we serve for your Event.

Fast Response

We strive to give you a fast response to all your requests. From additional requests, constructive criticism to unique challenges – we always push our selves to give you a quick response to all your requests.


We Established in 2005 and we are one of the leading lighting equipment rental in Jakarta, and we give you a plus services by providing lighting design services lead by Iwan Hutapea.

Ontime Delivery

We believe that on time delivery are very important, because we understand that you also have a schedule to adjust with. We will strive to ensure that this will not happen with Etcetera Lighting.


We are always presenting creative ideas and fresh, because it is not only good, but extraordinary results.

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